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123 Pillow Talk 2009-09-11

REI blue camping pillow

Pillows are an important part of my sleeping comfort. For years I used a standard pillow and for years, two or three times annually I would wake with a crick in my neck. Oh, let me rephrase that, not just a crick but a debilitating kink that left me looking hurt. Everyone who saw me would slip hints about their chiropractor. I took muscle relaxers and endured.

One day then, by magic by wife bought me a REI car camping pillow. Oh, I owned a ThermaRest camping pillow, but it was hardly worth using, as it collapsed to near nothing once my head came in contact with the foam filled nylon case. As a rule I just used extra clothes as a pillow. (Which I still use extra clothes as a pillow when I go backcountry.)

The pillow my wife bought was a small blue REI pillow which did not collapse like the ThermaRest. After a few guffaws I thought, well at least I should try it, just to placate her. It was comfortable but nothing special. I continued to use it on extended camping trips and felt like I was getting a very good nights rest on it and surprisingly I had no kinks in my neck.

The next time I was at REI I bought a couple more of the special blue little pillows and gave one to my wife and kept the other as a backup.

After another crick in my neck while sleeping with my regular home pillows in bed I decided to take drastic measures. I would rid my side of the bed of the bulky fluffy pillows and replace them with a small blue pillow. Since swapping, I have not had a single crick. Not even one.

I now use a big pillow to prop me up while reading and then discard the cushion for my little blue pillow before going to sleep. Yes, and that is a restful sleep indeed.

I thought about asking REI if I could do an infomercial for the pillow, here .

So... Do you have kinks? Do you have cricks? Do you have to constantly visit a chiropractor? Do you sleep in a bed full of pillows? Well simplify your life and buy an REI blue Base Camp Pillow. For only Nine Dollars and Fifty Cents you can sleep in pain free luxury with the REI Base Camp Pillow. Order it today at: ....

Sweet dreams.


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