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864 Native Eyewear
Hardtop XP Polarized Sunglasses

Native Eyewear and the case

As our summer trip of 2013 approached, one of the items I knew that I needed to replace were sunglasses. At the end of the 2012 summer I could hardly see through the scratches on my old glasses. When I had purchased those glasses, a key selling point was the interchangeable lens system. After a few of years of wear the glasses were getting scratched. I knew I needed to find replacement lenses, the problem was they were very hard to locate and as expensive as the glasses themselves. I started looking at new glasses instead of replacement lenses.

While climbing with my friend Mark, I noticed he was sporting some hip looking sport sunglasses. Well, he lives in Boulder and is the king of fashion, so I asked about the glasses. They were Native Eyewear sunglasses, but he was unsure of the model. He really liked the glasses and in particular the fog-free design.

What? Fog-free design, I doubt that!

I am a sweat-er. When I start exerting energy, I begin to sweat. My glands work overtime, but I do not get hot and in fact I generally function very well in the heat of the day as long as I replace water every now and then. So, when hiking, as soon as I begin to climb a hill, I begin to sweat and any glasses that I am wearing become useless. Oh, the lenses would probably keep the sun out, but they also trap fog. Soon, the glasses are hanging from a retainer because I cannot see through them.

To rid my glasses of fog, I had tried sprays, cloths, salves, and designs, which some of them might work for most people, but they do work on a steam factory. I had resigned myself to not wear glasses when I was climbing, but to have them ready to wear on the descent or in case I needed to pose for a picture. Lucky for me, we generally climb early in the morning when the sun is not an issue.

On Mark's suggestion, I began reading about Native Eyewear glasses. The sports models had holes in the frame to aid in ventilation. Hmm, that might work.

Ventilation ducts on the top of Native Eyewear glasses

Native Eyewear has several sports models, but after a bit of shopping, we (Amy had to help - she makes sure what I am buying is not too goofy looking) decided on the Hardtop XP model. A little too sporty for me, but if they ventilate, I'm in!

Skeptical, but definitely hopeful, I began wearing the glasses in the Tetons. I wore the glasses on several shorter hikes and then a strenuous endeavor. The sunglasses did not fog up like all my others. For the ultimate test I wore them on the Teton Loop. They did great. Oh, there was a little fog when we stopped moving, but we don't like to stop anyway!

A few sunglass notes ...

The glasses have a rubber like nose and ear pieces. The glasses are comfortable.

With the ventilation system the glasses sit a bit off your face - like using a spacer. The extra space also aids in ventilation.

The glasses are polarized and come with an extra set of low light lens.

The glasses are XP - extra protection. This means the lenses are 20% bigger that the normal ones.

The glasses are light. I hardly notice that I am wearing them.

For those into fashion, the glasses come in gray or brown. I decided on the gray, they match my hair better!

My friend, Jon, said he owned a pair of similar glasses. He had trouble with the rubber like material rotting. Hmm, no problem with that yet.

I had trouble adding a 'Croakie' to the glasses. The rubber-like ear piece did not want to slide into the Croakie's sleeve. This just took a bit of fiddling to fix.

I am very pleased with the sunglasses. For me, they did not eliminate fog, but they did eliminate most of it. The Hardtop XP's were much better than any glasses I have owned. The glasses are designed to ventilate. I was able to wear the glasses almost all of the time. That is remarkable.

Happy Native Eyewear Sunglass trails


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