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146 It's Been a Year 2009-11-04

Amy and I celebrating on a summit

For a year now, I have been blogging about walking, running, biking, climbing, hiking, mountaineering, and living as greenish as possible. All together there have been 145 blogs, just a few shy of my goal of three per week for the year. I must admit that it has been fun.

Each blogging day (MWF) I wake up early, ready to write. After spending a  few hours writing, I leave the computer, run, and then return to proof the text before publishing it. Often times I have to send the text to my wife for help. "Did that make any sense?" I’ll ask. She quietly edits my words. After publishing the blog, I begin thinking about the next.

Throughout this first year of my endeavor, two of the Big Three car manufacturers crashed, the banks failed, our 401k’s tanked, and I got pneumonia. Our nation still does not have a health care program or a climate bill, but it looks as if we are easing out of the recession. I question this being the end of the recession but am hopeful for the recovery. How else will we pay for the growing health bills(sans a health care program)?  

Obama was elected and is trying to change the Nation but he too has found that the president is not always as powerful as the almighty lobbyist. Money, it seems, makes politics political. 

Throughout this year, Amy and I have been on numerous training, hiking, and mountaineering trips (including climbing the 54 14ers in Colorado). We have enjoyed our time together as we work for similar goals in our lives and in the outdoor world.

For the coming year, we hope to continue to blog and maintain fresh content on our two sites; cloudhiking, and Metro to Mountain. In trying to make a little money as we research opportunities.

We plan to continue our weekly hikes (suggestions welcome!), blogging about them on Mondays and then publishing a more detailed account shortly thereafter in cloudhiking. In the summer of 2010, we are planning a trip to Colorado, Wyoming, and possibly Idaho. The Tetons are definitely in the schedule.  

Thank you for our first year of adventures together. From reading the blogs and site pages to joining us on a trip, we appreciate  everyone’s support.

Happy trails.


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