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169 Xmas News 2009-12-28

Christmas 2009

There has been lots of Christmas season excitement. For a few noteworthy items...

Robin and Jerry were married on the 21st. The reception was at Chappy’s and, as only my mother-in-law can enthusiastically say, it was "fabulous!" It was also nice to see the old Radnor Lake bunch - Mike, Jeff, Diane, Scoob, and well of course - Robin.

On a side note from the wedding, Jon and Laura are quite the little dancing duo.

All the last minute gifts did arrive (UPS held up their end of the shipping agreement).

Christmas was great at the Dortch’s and then the Ryder’s. It was a long tiring day of fun.

Amy and I went to Long Hunter for the last time. We finished the major trails in the Park by doing the Overnight or Volunteer Trail, whichever you would like to call it.

We have been working on major changes to Cloud Hiking and the new site is up. At first it might not look different but it is. The Colorado 14er trip of 2009 is now just a part of the "mountains" section. We are adding adventures we have completed on other trails, paths, and mountains.

The site is still being revised; all the new adventures will include maps, gps track logs, mileage page, and comments. The maps look great on an iphone displayed with a pdf "app."

As soon as we get caught up on Cloud Hiking we plan to continue to return to a regular schedule of writing for Metro to Mountain. We have lots of good story ideas, but just not enough time.

We hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to ringing in 2010.

Wishing all many happy trails.



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