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Bryce Park Map with showers listed next to the store

Screen capture of NPS Map

As we travel throughout the summer, we generally camp. If we are visiting National Parks, we try to stay in the Parks' campgrounds. Each Park however has different facilities and rules. We never know what to expect. A commodity, like showers, might be available in one Park, but would not be in the next.

While we were staying at Mather Campground in the Grand Canyon South Rim area, we were pleased to find showers at a nearby facility. After hiking on the dusty trails it was nice to be able to wash some of the dirt away.

After our Grand Canyon visit we moved to Zion National Park. There were no showers at Zion. Now, they might have had showers in the nearby town of Springdale, but we opted not to even look for them. It was quite easy to wash up in the sink of the restrooms for a few days. We'd worry about showers later.

dirt trails of Bryce

Dirt trails of Bryce

Leaving Zion, we traveled to Bryce Canyon National Park. Shortly after arriving, we found a campsite and then began exploring the Park. After a brief hike we went to the General Store for ice. There we also found an unexpected treat, they had showers and by then we really needed one!

To take a shower, you had to go next door to the General Store and buy a two dollar token. The tokens were used to activate the shower.

We quickly returned to the vehicle, got clean clothes, towels, and shower kits, and we were off. There were no lines. It was a great shower. We were happy, clean campers. We wished every National Park had such a facility, but we were not the only ones enamored with the showers.

As I was dressing, a member of a bus tour group entered the shower. He asked about the showering procedures. Seemingly elated, he left the facility calling out loudly, 'they've got two dollar showers!' As I left, there was a mass of senior citizen bus tour riders jockeying for position in a newly formed shower line. A tour leader seemed to be hosting the showering event. Wow, I was glad I beat the rush. I smiled as I passed. There's not many things better when you are hot and dusty, than a two dollar shower!

Later, when Amy and I were discussing the two dollar shower, we were puzzled, why the bus tour riders needed showers? They didn't seem dirty or noticeably odorous. And besides, the tour groups normally stay in motels each night - which have showers. We guessed it was a really low budget tour!

We never figured out why the tour group needed showers, but we were happy that we were first in line. : -) If you are ever in Bryce, try the two dollar shower - it really is that good!

Happy Bryce shower trails


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