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Fruita Campground

Fruita Campground

In the Summer of '12 we spent a few weeks touring New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. As we traveled through Utah, after a night at Bryce Canyon we made our way to Capitol Reef National Park. We had read there was a campground at Capitol Reef, but the sites filled early in the day. There were no reservations, so we planned to arrive by noon. The drive from Bryce Canyon, was crossing mile after mile of hot desert-like terrain. Everything was brown.

On arriving at Capitol Reef's Fruita Campground we were surprised. Nestled along the creek, the campground featured towering cottonwood trees and a soft carpet of grass. Yes, there was soft, green grass. After days of heat and sand, it felt like we had found a Garden of Eden.

Due to our early arrival, we were able to find a good site. As we setup camp, we noticed a family camped across from us. The kids were always into something. The smallest of the boys, really stood out to us because every sound we heard uttered from his little mouth was loud and in a whining tone. Soon he became known to us as 'The Whiner.'

After a short rest from the drive, we ventured down the Park's main road and into canyon country. We explored the road and then went for a hike along one of the washes. Capitol Reef was as amazing to us as Arches or Canyonlands, but without all of the people. As the heat intensified, the sirens of the campground beckoned for us to return and relax in the shaded, grassy lawn.

Back in the campground, the family was still active, but several of boys including The Whiner were missing. Maybe they went for a hike or to play in the creek. There was so many places in the area to explore, a youngster (or oldster) could lose themselves for hours.

An hour or so later, we decided to go to a small grocery store we had passed earlier as we drove to the Park. We took our time on the drive and were able to stop at a few of the Park's points of interest.

When we returned to the campground, the boys were still missing. As we sat around the campsite reading and enjoying the shade, we noticed a stir in the family's campsite across the way. Dinner was ready. The oldest boy was given some instructions and off he went. We figured he was going after the younger boys. A playground was close by they probably were there. The teen then walked straight to the restroom. After a few minutes he returned to the campsite.

Hmmm, what gives?

Then the door to the restroom opened and three boys emerged. They each drug folding chairs and carried hand-held game consoles. The restroom had an electrical outlet and the boys had been in the restroom all afternoon playing video games!

We were glad to have them back. They kept us entertained for the rest of the night, especially The Whiner. He returned to his whining ways and proceeded to whine about absolutely everything.

One thing that was for sure, even The Whiner would have only good things to say about the Fruita Campground - it is truly an oasis in the desert and the restroom even had an electrical outlet. If you are ever in the area, it is a great place to stop.


Happy Fruita Campground trails


Our summer's visit to Capitol.


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