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054 Spring Forward 2009-03-09

Jake, the dog, happy to be outside

Last fall I wrote about the time change and the effects on my dog, Jake. He was confused as he adjusted to why his meals were an hour late, why his walks were an hour late, and why wake up time and bed time were also an hour late. Our dog knows our routines and expects us to remember them also, no exceptions.

In the fall Jake had to wait on everything. Now time has changed again, but thank goodness we spring ahead. Going to daylight savings time everything is earlier.

Jake is surprised by the wake up call. He is always more than happy to get up, but seems puzzled by the irrational behavior. Going to the backyard in the dark he barks away all the demons of his backyard and probably awakens all of our neighbors. He is confused at just why he is getting to go outside so early.

He comes back inside and doesn’t have to howl for his breakfast (our dog is very vocal and will howl to draw important events to our attention), it is time to eat and the food is in his bowl.

The rest of the day brings joy to Jake as he discovers everything is early. Soon he will adjust to the revised summer schedule, but for now he is one happy dog. Losing an hour of sleep never seems to effect Jake but it probably would not bother us either if we got to sleep on the couch all day.



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