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183 A Sick Dog Parable 2010-01-29

Jake taking a nap in the office

Last night Jake, the dog, was acting different. He wanted to lay in front of the fire instead of playing. We enjoyed the peace, but could tell Jake was not quite right.

Later in the night I heard him make odd noises, but he laid back down, so all must have been alright. Not long afterwards, he demanded our attention but then laid back down. I knew I should have gotten out of bed and let him go outside. But it was cold and I didn’t want to budge from the covers.

At three o’clock I heard him going downstairs. Dry heaves followed. I dressed and ran down the stairs. I was too late. After letting Jake outside, I spent the next ten minutes cleaning the rug.

When Jake came back inside, he was frisky and ready to play!

I listened to the Presidents Address the other night; so what’s happened to the Health Care Bill? The Republicans don’t want it. The Democrats don’t want it. The Insurance Companies don’t want it either. The bill has been questioned, revised, revised again, questioned again, and revised again, many times over. The bill is looking out of sorts. If passed, it has become so watered down, it would have little effect on revising the Health Care Industry. The Bill is sick. It’s telling us it is feeling a little sick. In fact I think it wants to go outside. Quick, open the door or it will be too late....

So, let us start over. Mr President, tell the People of America about your bill. Sell it to us. We want to buy it. Get rid of the politics that influence every word of the Bill and sell it to us, the people, in its purest form.

We don’tt want something that is good just for the Democrats, or just for the Republicans, or just for the Doctors, or just for the Insurance Companies, we want a Bill that is good for the American People.

Then, since we cannot vote on the Bill, poll us. Poll us extensively. Poll us honestly. Show the numbers to the Senate, to the House, and to the People. We, the People, will then dare our elected officials to vote against the wishes of the People.

It’s time to let the Bill go outside, then come back in frisky and ready to play. Let’s not compromise the purpose of the bill for the sake of politics.

Happy healthy trails.


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