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752 Resolutions and Goals 2013-01-02

2013 in ropes

Happy New Year!

With the New Year we traditionally set personal goals, resolutions, for the coming year. For 2013, we decided to publicly set a few goals for Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking.

Metro to Mountain - 150 Journal entries for the year. We have settled into writing three entries per week, with some disturbances in the schedule during the summer. By cutting back to three per week, we are able to spend more time mapping (on cloudhiking).

Metro to Mountain - We hope to devise a means for doing a site-wide search, categorizing articles, and grouping like-articles into series.

cloudhiking - 18 new maps and 10 new Adventure Guides for the year. We are still trying to upgrade all of our old maps as well as make new ones.

cloudhiking - Collect data on at least 12 new trails, routes, bike ways, etc. We already have a few destinations chosen: Mousetail Landing Park, Walls of Jericho, to finish Savage Gulf trails, Standing Stone Park, Mammoth Cave Trails (not in the cave!), and ...

cloudhiking - Develop an app for the Adventure Guides.

cloudhiking - Publish the actual geo-referenced maps coupled with an app to view the maps with the device's GPS.

Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking - Convert both sites to HTML5.

Personal Goal - Join the Tennessee Trail Association.

Personal Goal - Spend more days rock climbing, we miss not climbing as often as we used to.

Personal Goal - We are planning, for the first time, on taking bicycles on our summer trip. We hope to use them regularly for transportation.

Personal Goal - Continue learning and practicing new ways to discourage bears from behaving badly!

Personal Goal - Walk and run more and eat less, a.k.a. get in better shape.

Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking - We believe that being outside is important for personal growth. Being outdoors is a good way to exercise our bodies and our minds. Through the Metro to Mountain and cloudhiking sites we hope to encourage folks to get out more. In Metro to Mountain we show our passion for the outdoors in each Journal entry. With cloudhiking our comprehensive guide and detailed trail maps acquaint the user with the trail, route, or greenway before they ever set foot out of the car. The maps are made using GIS technology and are specifically designed for the hiker, runner, biker, climber, etc. We try to give the user the information they need! We hope to continue to spread our message - to get out there and do it.

Okay, that is quite a list of goals. We will be needing some help and encouragement.

Happy New Year trails


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