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819 Ready, Set, Go 2013-06-07

gear ready to go

It's Friday. We are planning to leave for Colorado in the morning when we wake. All the reservations and plans are finished. Now it is time to put the planning into action. So, naturally, there are still many things to do before leaving - as in getting the house, yard, and dog ready for Ted (who will be holding down the fort while we are gone - thanks Ted) and packing.

Playing like Santa Claus, we go over our lists once or twice and decide what gear we have to bring and what would be, if we have room, nice. After we get the gear out of the house and packed in the car, then we need to clean the house.

It is truly a hectic time, but it is also very exciting. We are leaving in the morning!

atacks of gear

Our immediate plans are to leave Jake at home and drive to Hays, Kansas. Then on Sunday we will continue our drive and hopefully arrive in Boulder around noon. After a brief re-supply at the area stores, we will continue to Estes Park, and hopefully a short hike that evening.

We plan to write in the Metro to Mountain Journal, as often as possible (we will have issues with lack of internet connections and electricity). Please continue to read, it whould be fun! As for cloudhiking ... while traveling, we do not draw maps. Instead, we collect data to use when we return home. We do hope to write a couple of trail guides to maps that we already have completed.

So ready or not, here we go!

Happy Vacation trails


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