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500 Ramble and Friend 2011-10-20

t-rac and ramble

So what is more fun than one rappelling raccoon, two rappelling raccoons, naturally.

On Day Two of the big photo shoot, (see the previous Journal) we left early to set the ropes for the rappel. Ramble had invited his friend T-Rac along for the day, so we had to set ropes for two raccoon rappellers.

After a lengthy setup, the raccoons were ready to go. With their ropes threaded through the figure-eights and belay ropes tied to their harnesses they backed off the edge. T-Rac led the way as he bounded down the cliff stopping only when the photographers, Jeff and Anthony, wanted a shot. Poor Ramble tried to match T-Rac; but was slowed due to his poor mobility. Ramble's costume was designed to be hugged, and not for outdoor activities.

Ramble with admiring kidsWith photographers, once is never enough, so the raccoons had to go down again. When photos were finally taken from every possible angle, it was decided to go to an even bigger cliff, for more dramatic shots.

For the finale we went to a 250 foot cliff. After setting the ropes, T-Rac made the long rappel. I did not get to see the footage taken of the rappel but it had to be great. We heard that the viewing crowd standing near one of the the photographers cheered for T-Rac as he completed the rappel.

It was a good, safe day for raccoons to be rappelling.

A few notes ...

T-Rac and Ramble do not seem to be wearing helmets in the above picture! Kids don't look! (They actually were wearing built in helmets, under their costumes.)

T-Rac probably set two records that day. The first record was for the longest rappel by a raccoon and the second was for the most raccoons rappelling at the same time.

Thanks to the photographers for getting the long rappel on the first shot.

Thanks to T-Rac for joining Ramble for a day in the Park.

Special thanks to everyone who helped.

There is a rumor that Ramble is going to be involved in an exercise program and hopefully he will lose a few inches.

Happy raccoon fitness trails



Wow, it's hard to believe but this is Journal entry number 500. Thanks to all those who have helped us along. We appreciate your support!


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