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182 Humanomics 2010-01-27

fold of dollars

I know times are tough economically, these days. Each day more headlines announce layoffs, down-sizings, and closures. It is hard for us to maintain our standards of living.

Then, on Monday an article in Yahoo Finance caught my eye: "Recessionomics 101: How to Make Extra Money." Ah, this might be the answer! After all, I just want to make a little extra money.

Reading the article I quickly saw that if the author was giving the secrets to riches; then I was sure, I would always be a poor man.

At the same time the article was published, the poor nation of Haiti was suffering in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. An unbelievable number of residents died. The people needed the bare essentials of life - water, food, medical help, and shelter. It was truly a disaster of record proportions. The poorest of the poor nation are having to rebuild from ruins, a city larger than Nashville. Over 150,000 people died, almost as many people as who live in Knoxville. Thankfully, the citizens of the earth are givers. Relief help was on it’s way.

People of all nations began giving money, food, clothing, and shelter. Doctors and medical staffs were volunteering their services. Relief agencies jumped into action. The Haiti Telethon raised over sixty-one million dollars. The outpouring of care pushed aside the greedy principles of Recessionomics and gave way to Humanomics, the volunteering and giving spirit of mankind.

Happy giving trails.

link - http://customsites.yahoo.com/financiallyfit/finance/article-108664-3951-1-how-to-make-extra-money?ywaad=ad0035


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