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888 How the Pickle Saved

Have you ever eaten something that was so good it just made things better? Or, something that was so good you will remember it for the rest of your life???


For Thanksgiving of 2008, my wife, Amy and I went to visit her Uncle John and Aunt Renee for a family Thanksgiving reunion. They lived in the mountains of western North Carolina just a couple of miles from the Appalachian Trail. The chalet like house at Uncle John's was on the hillside overlooking an idyllic cove. It was an amazing sportsman's paradise. Uncle John had a golf driving range, a fishing pond, and fields. Their place was grand, but our daughter and dog did not come with us to North Carolina. They were at our home in Nashville, and we were wishing we were with them.

When we committed to going to North Carolina for the holiday, we thought our daughter would go with us ... but she thought otherwise. We kept our promise and went to North Carolina but the holiday was just not the same.

Always the great host, Uncle John offered us a world of things to do. We did go on a nice hike through their property, but our hearts were still in Nashville. Then, sitting at a table with full length windows overlooking the cove, Uncle John brought out a jar of his homemade sweet pickles. Politely, we each took and ate one. Suddenly our faces lit up as we both commented on the tasty pickles. All manners aside, we then proceeded to eat one pickle after another as quickly as possible. They were truly the best pickles that we had ever tasted - ever! Our daughter and dog soon became distant memories as we finished off the jar and wondered where Uncle John kept the stash.

It truly turned into a much better Thanksgiving and it was all because of the pickles and Uncle John's hospitality. To the day, when we think of the Thanksgiving of '08, we think of Uncle John and his great sweet pickles.

And that was how Uncle John's pickles saved our Thanksgiving.

Uncle John (summertime) entertaining

Happy Thanksgiving


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