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027 Home for the New Year 2009-01-02

home for New Years

There had been some complications with the blood they took form me on entering the ER. Somehow the doctors believed my blood was septic. This disorder would have changed my simple case of pneumonia into a much more serious condition.

After drawing blood and running tests the doctors finally decided that the first test had been contaminated - so never mind. They finally let me go home on New Year’s Day. Of course I had to pick up $150 of medicine first and that’s with insurance. Hmm, I don’t know who paid for the contaminated blood incident???

For the rest of the weekend I laid around catching bits of news and sports on the television.

With lots of time to think I decided on a few resolutions.

Develop greener habits. Walk more, drive less. Help save the world, park the cars. Bike more, in all weathers. See above, at times I weenie out of riding because of the weather (rain).

Run more, way more. I am ready to run long again, way long.

Share more, possessions and skills. I try to freely help others by sharing possessions and by also sharing skills - outdoors and computer.

Climb all 54 14,000 foot peaks in CO, with my wife in about 40 days. Oops this is a goal of ours, maybe not a resolution. We have many obstacles to cross, but we will figure it out. We will be in CO during June and July 2009. Come join us, we will probably need your help.

No hospitals or doctors! I want to get even healthier, might as well, nothing else to do. So eat better, exercise more, lose weight, and develop healthier habits.

Happy healthy trails.


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