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225 The Flooded 2010-05-07

train depot underwater

The 2010 Flood in Nashville, TN is finally over. The Cumberland River and it’s tributaries, are back in their banks; but not before sending epic destruction to the residents in it’s path. Much like a tornado, hurricane, or tsunami the flood devastated all properties in the wake of it’s invading waters.

The local and national media captured images of the muddy waters. After spending hours of looking at their many pictures and videos, the immense power of the moving water was evident. It was like having a Colorado River or Niagara Falls right here in town; but the big water did not belong here.

The flood wasn’t just high water, it was destruction.

Ist avenue parking, under water

In downtown, each brownstone building with water lapping four feet up on their walls, meant damage. Each person that operated that water soaked business, was now closed and was going to remain closed for a while. Each worker for each business was going to be out of work, and unemployed. Each business was going to be making less this year and was in turn going to be paying less taxes and spending less. Tourists were not going to be visiting or spending money. Sales tax income was not going to be entering the city’s coffers. The cash strapped local economy was going to take an even bigger hit.

In the residential areas, many houses received damages. From flooded basements to total annihilation, the waters took their toll. Now the images are no longer of the high waters but of soaked teddy bears and mud caked bicycles laying out in the yards to dry. And, neighbors helping each other to empty their houses. The images are of total destruction.

The flood waters in Nashville have now receded but the flooded still remain. They have become the real survivors and not a one of them will be voted off of the island. Together, the city will rebuild.

We wish a special blessing for the flooded, the survivors.

More happy trails, soon.


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