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002 Fall Back 2008-11-05

Jake upset about the time change

Falling back is a joyous occasion for most folks. They lose an hour of evening daylight, but on the glorious day of the fall time change, clock watchers get an extra hour of sleep, play, or whatever.

For a dog things are a bit different. It takes them a while to adjust to the time changes.

Jake, the dog, loves spring. The clocks spring forward. We lose an hour of sleep but to a dog everything is an hour earlier. His people get up earlier, meals are earlier than expected, and bedtime, after a hard day of napping, is also earlier. Everything is early and good.

Fall is a different game. The clock has moved back an hour and nothing is right. Jake’s people get up late, feed the dog late - both times, and finally go to bed late. Everything is late and troublesome.

So Jake tells us. He is a very vocal dog.

When Jake thinks his people should be waking he barks whether it is the right time or not. If breakfast is late he runs around howling for all to hear and take notice. Dinner is no better, being late again and once again he is upset and voicing his concerns. After a week he is finally adjusting to the changes and dinner time is truly dinner time.

Oh, for the joys of dogdom, knowing time with no clock, knowing a rhythm of life without a timepiece. Jake can tell time, he just can’t read the numbers. We should be so lucky.



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