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820 Drive and Reward 2013-06-10

overcast skies over fields of green in Kansas

Saturday, we left Nashville at a few minutes before 6am. We were ready to go, but our poor dog Jake was a sad sack. He is in good hands with Ted, but he wanted us to feel his pain

The overall drive was good. The weather was threatening in Kansas, but the Weather Station was only calling for wind and thunderstorms, and no tornadoes. We were happy with the forecast, but we still kept a watchful eye as the storm crashed into us.

We made good time driving. Despite the storm and a wreck, we still were in Hays, Kansas after about 14 hours of driving.

On any trip, you have to expect things to go wrong. While in Kansas, a passing truck kicked up a stone and hit our windshield leaving a horizontal crack that is steadily growing. The rest of the story later ...

In Hays we stayed at a Ramada Inn which had a two story high corkscrew slide into a huge indoor pool. It just doesn't get much better than that. Also in Hays, we went shopping for a few items at Walmart. The store is THE place to hang out on Saturday Night in western Kansas, well, there or the pool.

On Sunday, we had about 400 more miles to drive. The only problem with splitting the drive into two days, is that you have to drive two days. We made it to Boulder and met our friend, Mark, for lunch. The food and company were great.

Finally about 5 in the afternoon we arrived at a National Forest Campground, just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. It was two long days of driving but then we saw our reward ...

Longs Peak from Twin Sisters

Wow! The photo was taken from our hike this morning to Twin Sisters. Wish you were here.

Happy - I am glad the drive is over - trails


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