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421 Rescued Dogs 2011-06-17

Jake on top of green Mtn

At a popular climbing area near the base of a waterfall, my wife, dog, and I were out for a morning adventure. Amy was climbing as I belayed her from below. Jake. the dog, was off his leash walking around exploring. I was keeping an eye on both he and my wife, when suddenly he slipped and fell. Poor Jake was holding onto a ledge with his paws only.

I was belaying my wife and had to secure her before I could run to his assistance.

Yelling, I told my wife to weight the rope and come down!

She was confused by what I was telling her, because I did not explain what was going on; but she knew from the tone of my voice that something bad was happening.

As soon as she was safe, I ran to assist Jake. Grabbing him by his collar I lifted him back to the ledge. If he had fallen, it was about fifteen feet to the ground. Ouch.

Dogs have different personalities, just like humans. Old Jake, our dog before Jake - yes, they have the same name, it was easy for me to remember - was always around rock climbing. He climbed a few easier routes and was often left to wander at the top or bottom of a cliff. Old Jake never fell. He was cautious and sure footed. Jake, however, is a different story, he is a different dog. He needs supervision! We now keep Jake on a lead when we are not playing with him.

In Yosemite a dog was rescued when she escaped from her lead and chased a squirrel off the edge of a cliff. The dog, Sweety, was rescue; but it is a good reminder for us to keep control of our pets.

The story is the middle of the three incidents listed on the page ...


Happy dog waggin' trails


scree - Upper Loop Trail Map Completed, Fall Creek Falls

I finally completed the trail map for Fall Creek Falls, Upper Loop Overnight Trail. This 13 mile loop is a multi-use trail shared my mountain bikes and hikers. The moderate hike can be completed as a day hike. Enjoy!

Also, The Alum Cave and Boulevard Trails in the Smokies have been revised.


scree - Smokies

I am headed up to Knoxville for the weekend and probably will not post tomorrow, Saturday. Instead, we will be hiking out of Cades Cove on the Anthony Creek and Bote Mountain Trails.



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