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198 There's an app for that! 2010-03-05

Google Maps on an iPod touch

Last Saturday as we were driving to Stone Door Trailhead, we missed the exit off of I-24. I know, I don’t know what happened, we were talking and the next thing, I saw a Stuckeys out of the corner of my eye. We had passed the exit at Pelham, TN. Rats. The next exit was seven miles away on the plateau at Monteagle.

At Monteagle, we could have turned around and returned to the exit we missed, or we could take a different route to Beersheba Springs. We chose the second. We were running low on time and needed to stop the auto touring and begin the walking. I had driven the alternate route a few times but it had been years...it couldn’t be that hard.

Amy checked the glove box, searching for a map. Rats. Saving the day, she pulled out her iPhone. There’s an app for that, you know. It is called Google maps. In a short while, Amy entered our location and destination. As navigator she told me where to turn.

As I drove past the signs indicating where I should have turned, she informed me that the app was telling us to continue driving straight. Well, we went straight until it was leading us to re-cross the interstate. Nope that was not the right way.

Turning around we returned to the signs and followed their arrows. Back on track as we approached Tracy City, Google Maps once again came up false. The app suggested that we turn on the wrong road. We could probably have taken that route; but who knows where it would have taken us. Undoubtedly we would have been lost, shipwrecked, abandoned, snowbound, or the reciepents of some calamity caused by the mis-directions.

We chose not to follow the suggested route.

We arrived safely at our destination with only minor delays and completed our hike with time to spare.

I am also happy to announce that we are still married. But, if anyone wants a divorce, there’s an app for that, and I think it gives you directions!!!

Happy trails.


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