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212 Spring 2010 2010-04-07

dogwood tree

As April approached the temperatures rose and spring began. The leaves returned to the trees. The flowers bloomed. The flowering trees bloomed. The grass sprouted bright green. Life was reborn!

Runners, walkers, pushers (as in carriages), and riders filled the streets and sidewalks as the blue sky drew everyone outside. Gardens were tended and yards were mowed. Everyone was happy. (Well the allergies were bad.)

Spring had finally arrived in Middle Tennessee.

And ...

Our house is warm!

For five long months we lived with the thermostat set at 60 degrees. Now, the temperature indicated on the thermostat is in the 70s! It is a sauna. We are wearing shorts and tee shirts instead of jackets. We are getting hair cuts instead of buying extra balaclavas (a face mask kind of knit hat.) We have sent out an all points bulletin canceling our previously issued freeze warning for house guests. For friends and visitors, no extra jackets are needed to visit.

All hail to spring.

Other notes:

We are giving a slideshow/talk at Cumberland Transit on Thursday night, April 22nd at 7. Come join us as we share mountain stories.

The Byrd Creek Trail Run is Saturday, May 22. The run benefits the Tennessee Ranger Association. Come join the fun.

Our good friend, Ray actually ran a 6.5 mile trail run in Chattanooga. Check the site for his stellar results.

For 102 straight days I wore the Patagonia Nano Puff my wife bought me for Christmas. I basically wore it all of the time. I did take it off for washings, but then put then put the clean garment back on. I don't know if 102 days is a record, but it is a dang good average at least. The Nano is a great pullover, but I am happy that I sit typing in short sleeves!

Happy Spring trails.


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