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971 Pogue Creek Canyon
State Natural Area

Pogue Creek Trailhead sign

For years we have heard rumors of Pogue Creek Natural Area. We have a friend who was a Pickett State Park Ranger and had hiked into the Canyon. She wowed us with tales of her visit to the area (which at that time was not part of the Natural Areas Program), but we never visited. Then last year while working on Pickett State Park maps, we (cloudhiking.com) heard a bit more about the Pogue Creek Canyon area and were excited to work on a map for the region.

Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area is located north of Crossville, TN near Jamestown. It is close to Big South Fork National Recreation Area and Pickett State Park. The 3000 acre canyon was designated a State Natural Area in 2006, but lay unimproved until the Fall of 2014. The improvements were made to improve access to the area.

A couple of weeks ago we were able to visit the area and walk the Pogue Creek Canyon Overlook Trail. The place was special. We started the map.

A few Pogue Creek Canyon Natural Area notes ...

The area is managed by Pickett State Park. The two areas are almost adjoining.

An entry sign, parking area, trailhead kiosk, and trail are the only improvements to the area.

There are no restrooms, water spigots, campgrounds, ranger stations, etc.

Cabins, campgrounds, etc are available at Pickett State Park and Big South Fork National Recreation Area.

Private cabins and campgrounds are also available.

The Pogue Creek Canyon Overlook Trail travels from the trailhead to the overlook in 0.75 mile. After the trail descends to Turkey Roost Rockhouse, the rest of the trail is an easy grade to the overlook.

The trail only traverses a very small section of the Natural Area. We hope there will be more to come! We will update the map as the access grows.

The view of the Canyon from the Overlook

View from the Overlook

If you visit Big South Fork National Recreation Area or Pickett State Park, plan a side trip to Pogue Creek Canyon.

Happy Pogue Creek Canyon Map and trails


Pogue Creek Canyon Natural Area Map - pdf

Pickett State Park

Pogue Creek Canyon Natural Area (Natural Areas web page)

Big South Fork National Recreation Area


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