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991 Map and Guide to
Chickasaw State Park

Lake Placid from the shore beneath the Tent Campground

Chickasaw State Park is a small park located south of Jackson, TN in Henderson, TN. The centerpiece of the Park is Lake Placid. The lake offers fishing, boat rentals, swimming, and a great trail (Lake Shore Trail). Along the shores of the lake are cabins, swimming area, recreation area (volleyball, basketball, playground, ...), Group Lodge, Sagamore Lodge, picnic shelters, restrooms, restaurant, campgrounds, stables, and trails.

The trails at Chickasaw are not long or difficult, but they are still entertaining. Though the Lake Shore Trail is the most popular, all of the trails were enjoyable.

The Guide and Map to Chickasaw State Park is now available on cloudhiking.com.

A few trail notes ...

Stop at the Visitor Center/Park Office for info.

Across from the Visitors Center is the Nature Hut. A hawk and owl were hanging out at the hut when I visited.

There are many options for access points to the trails. Trails are close to all three campgrounds and the cabins. Brewers Cabin is a good trailhead for Fern Creek Trail. The large parking area, across the road from the Beach Area, is a great trailhead for the Lake Shore, Forked Pine, and Friends trails. The Tent Loop and Owens Spring trails may be accessed from the Lake Shore Trail or from the Tent Campground.

The bridge across the lake is temporarily closed (JAN16).

There are restrooms at the Visitor Center, in each campground, near the tennis courts on Campground Rd, and in the large parking area across from the Beach Area.

There are many boardwalks and raised walkways in the low wetlands that help keep hikers stay dry and on the trails.

The trails with sections along Hwy 100 have a lot of road noise. The noise diminishes quickly as the trails turns away from the road.

A great bench sits at high points along the Forked Pine Trail and Friends Trail. They were an Eagle Scout project. Well done!

A day shelter is located at the junction of the Lake Shore Trail and Owens Spring Trail.

Chickasaw State Park was a CCC work project. Stop at the Sagamore Lodge to read the memorial and inspect their work.

The trails are rated as easy or moderate, with the moderate rating due to brief but rather steep climbs.

Chickasaw is a great State Park. It definitely needs to be on the list of Parks to Visit!

Happy Chickasaw Trails



Chickasaw State Park

cloudhiking.com - Chickasaw State Park Map

cloudhiking.com - Chickasaw State Park Trail Guide


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