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962 Onahu Creek Trail,
Green Mountain Trail
Loop - RMNP
Trail Guide

Onahu Creek Trail

Our first hike from the summer of 2014, was the Onahu Creek - Green Mountain Loop, starting from Green Mountain Trailhead. The moderate trail, parallels Trail Ridge Road to the Onahu Creek Trailhead, then climbs through the beautiful Onahu Creek Drainage and over to Big Meadow. Joining the Tonahutu Creek Trail as it heads south along the Meadow, the Loop then returns to the trailhead on the Green Mountain Trail.

The route was one of our favorites of the summer.

The Onahu Creek - Green Mountain Loop area is included in the North Inlet - Tonahutu Creek - Loop Map and the Onahu Creek - Green Mountain Loop even uses a short section of the Tonahutu Creek Trail to close the loop. After writing three guides from the same map (North Inlet Trail Guide, Tonahutu Creek Trail Guide, and the North Inlet - Tonahutu Creek Loop Trail Guide) we decided to finish the guides included on the map by completing the Onahu-Green Mountain Guide. All guides are on cloudhiking.com, the links are at the bottom of the page.

Hitchrack on the Tonahutu Creek Trail near the Green Mountain Trail

A few notes on the Onahu Creek - Green Mountain Loop Trail
Guide ...

The Onahu Creek section of the Loop was our favorite. The moderate trail was fun to follow.

The Loop can be started from either the Green Mountain Trailhead or the Onahu Creek Trailhead. The two trailheads are both accessed from Trail Ridge Road and are about 0.70 mile apart.

We started at the Green Mountain Trailhead because it had a privy.

Water was available on the Onahu Creek and Green Mountain trails. As always, all water should be properly treated.

We day hiked the trail, keeping a moderate pace and exploring some - it took us 3.5 hours to complete the loop.

When we hiked the trail we were not acclimated. We had left Nashville (about 500 feet elevation) and were hiking in two days.

The Onahu Creek - Green Mountain Loop made a great acclimating hike. It was just hard enough for us.

All the backpacking sites looked good. We especially liked the Onahu Creek site.

The Big Meadow section of the trail is a destination. The meadow is big and green and the ruins are significant.

We wish there had been informational placards on the ruins.

Returning on the Green Mountain Trail was fast. We had walked up the picturesque Onahu Creek Drainage and seen the Big Meadow, so the wide mostly easy Green Mountain Trail was not as overwhelming.

The Green Mountain Trail is commonly used as an out and back hike to Big Meadow and as an alternate approach to the Upper Tonahutu drainage. The Green Mountain Trail shortens the route by about 2.50 miles (instead of starting at the Tonahutu Creek Trailhead.)

The Kawuneeche Visitor Center is about 3 miles from the Green Mountain Trailhead. Trail information and camping permits are available at the Visitor Center.

The 7.6 miles Loop makes a great moderate day hike or overnight adventure. Put the Loop on the list!

Happy Onahu Creek - Green Mountain Loop trails


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