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974 Mount Massive Trail
East Slopes Route
Mount Massive - 14,421'

the snowy, Southeast Slopes of Mount Massive from the trail

Mount Massive is the second highest peak in Colorado. On our first visit to the area, we climbed Elbert first, but we liked Massive more.

We are now, happy to announce the new Trail Guide to the Mount Massive Trail - East Slopes Route on Mount Massive. The Mount Massive Trail is the standard route on the mountain.

The Mount Massive Trail Guide includes mountain data, author comments, directions to the trailhead, trail description, trail photographs, route notes, more photographs, trail mileage, link to a custom trail map, and user comments.

For a few Mount Massive notes ...

We used photographs from 4 trips to Mount Massive.

The photographs made me want to return soon!

We do hope to hike the Southwest Slopes Route from Halfmoon Creek in the near future. We will add the route to the map.

The Mount Massive Trail, standard route, is 6.7 miles long (at least!). Once you leave tree line to go to the summit, you are exposed to the weather for 2.5 miles each way, summit and back.

In the Colorado summer monsoons, be sure to keep a close eye to the skies. We try to return to tree line by early afternoon.

The trail includes waypoints and detailed mileage. The mileage on our map may differ than others. We used the compiled GPS track (from 5 tracks). The Mount Massive Trail has seen a few changes and some of the other guides have not updated their data.

Mount Massive is in a designated Wilderness Area. The rules to the area are different than those governing standard National Forest lands. Group sizes are limited, dogs are supposed to be on a leash at all times, etc. Bicycles are not even allowed on the trails. The rules might be oppressive to some, but they are protective to others. We enjoy visiting areas where a heightened sense of wilderness exists.

The upper basin between South Massive and Mount Massive is a special place.

From Leadville, Mount Massive dominates the skyline. From the summit of Mount Massive, Leadville looks like a very small toy village. Ha! The mountain is massive.

If you have never been tot he Sawatch Range, start planning a trip now, and please include Mount Massive. It is that good.

Happy Mount Massive trails


Mount Massive Trail Guide

Mount Massive Map

Mount Massive Trip Report


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