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954 LSR Preserve -
Phelps Lake Trails
Map and Guides

Preserve's Interpretive Center

LSR Preserve Interpretive Center

The Laurance S Rockefeller Preserve in Grand Teton National Park is a special place. The land was once a homestead, dude ranch, private resort, and finally a donation to the (Grand Teton) Park.

We had walked around the northwest shore of the lake many times through the years, but never ventured around Phelps Lake. The land was privately owned, so we just didn't go there.

Phelps Lake view

Phelps Lake

Then a couple of years ago, some friends of ours were visiting the Park and they asked had we been to the LSR. To be honest, we didn't even know what the LSR was, but we started researching the Preserve. The next year we visited the Interpretive Center and made the 3 mile round trip to Phelps Lake. Upping the ante, this year we spent a morning walking the other trails including: Aspen Ridge, Phelps Lake, and Boulder Ridge. We were so impressed with the area, we had to make a map and guide.

small path through the forest of the Boulder Ridge

Boulder Ridge Trail

The cloudhiking.com's LSR Preserve - Phelps Lake Trails - Map and Guide cover trails on the Preserve and the area's Park trails. A few notes about the Preserve and the trails ...

The Interpretive Center is a great place to visit, just don't be in a hurry.

The paths around the Interpretive Center are very picturesque and a short and easy walk. It is about 0.10 mile to the bridge. After the bridge the path becomes steeper and more trail-like.

The most popular trail is the 3 mile Loop Route from the Interpretive Center to Phelps Lake and back. The route actually uses three trails, Lake Creek Trail - to the lake, a section of the Phelps Lake Trail - crosses the lake's outlet, and the Woodland Trail - returns to the Interpretive Center.

For those wanting more challenge, add the Phelps Lake Trail to the Loop Route. There are great views all along the trail and the trail is in great condition. It is much like Jenny Lake, but without the crowds.

Other variations include adding the Aspen Ridge and Boulder Ridge Trails to the route, or as a new route.

The main LSR Preserve - Phelps Lake Trails page is a guide to the Loop Route adding the Phelps Lake Trail.

Page 2 includes notes, mileage, and map links.

A third page is also included - LSR Preserve other Trails. Aspen Ridge, Boulder Ridge, and connector trails are included.

The map to the LSR Preserve - Phelps Lake covers all of the trails including the Valley Trail from Death Canyon Trailhead.

Please practice minimum impact usage.

Bench on the shore among rocks

Bench on the shore of Phelps Lake

Our first visit to the Preserve was a short one. It was a rest day for us, the next day we were going to hike the Teton Loop. This year we adjusted our plans to spend a morning at the Preserve, it was that good.

Happy LSR Preserve - Phelps Lake trails



LSR Preserve - Phelps Lake Trails

LSR Preserve other Trails

Map to LSR Preserve - Phelps Lake Trails


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