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015 Gas Money 2008/12/05

service stations

In December of 2008 the political talk is the economy. The government has actually had to bailout the banks and lending institutions. Whether the bailout succeeds or not, is still to be seen; but the big three automobile builders have told Congress that they like the banks need help too. The big three are broke. With tin cup in hand the CEO’s of the auto giants went to Washington to beg for government money.

With the whole economy tanking, it does not seem odd to me that the auto sales are suffering. I would think it should have been predictable. Let’s weigh the options - food or a new car. Hmm, there doesn’t seem like there is much of a choice there, but I am from the south and we like to eat. The auto giants feel their companies were not poorly operated - causing their financial crisis, but rather their companies are just another victim of the recession. They just need customers.

I hope I am not a good customer. I want to control my spending and choose wisely, weighing my families needs. Believe it or not I feel most other Americans feel the same. But not only do I want to be a spendthrift I want to also be green. I am concerned with the direction our government and big business have taken leaving the environment pillaged from polluting, wasteful pirates. What a mess we have made of our world.

So what can we do? I have an idea... let the gas companies, who seem to have made mega-millions in the last few years with record profits, make low interest loans to bailout the auto industry. The gas companies seem to have the most vested in keeping Americans driving petroleum powered vehicles. Meanwhile the government can invest in clean renewable energy sources, the future of the new world. Let us weigh the options again - fossil fuels or renewable clean energy. Hmm, there does not seem like there is much of a choice there, but I want to fix things permanently not live the life of a perpetual user, so I choose ... green.


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