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063 Earth Hour 2009-03-30

earth hour logo

For Earth Hour, we wanted to do something special, but our plans were thwarted by strong storms that moved through the area in the late afternoon. Talking to friends we went to their house for a low keyed mini-celebration.

Before leaving our house we turned off all of the lights. We then went around and checked again, just to make sure the house was indeed dark. At our friends house we prepared for the non-electric moment. Candles were readied throughout the house and as the clock on the wall struck the half hour, we cut the lights.

With nothing special on the agenda, we sat and talked about the past, present, and future for the duration of the symbolic hour. Soon after the electric lights were relit, we bid farewell, and went back home to our darkened house.

During our evening gathering, I had heard reports of people who purposely turned every light on in their house "in protest" of Earth Hour. Back at home I went on line, did a quick search, and found that people were indeed protesting by trying to use up even more energy. This protest was targeted for Sunday, but it was people protesting Earth Hour.

Dear folks, I don’t get it. If you are indeed protesting Earth Hour, then why? If you don’t believe in global warming, that’s fine, you can just say all the glaciers and polar ice is melting. The fact is that the ice is melting, but you can call it what you want. The problem is with politics. I read where Democrats wanted Bush’s policies to fail, because he was a Republican; and I read that Republicans want Obama’s policies to fail just because he is a Democrat. I did not (and do not) want either to fail. I want America to win. I want the people of the Earth to win. I want to live a sustainable life style that will ensure that Rose (daughter) when she has great grand children, they will thank us for preserving the land.

Voting for the Earth is in essence the core principal of humanity. It is voting to keep our home, Earth, a life sustaining planet for the centuries to come. Voting for the Earth transcends politics - national or world and all religions. Earth Hour is being a responsible citizen of the planet and not an irresponsible user.


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