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541 Bulbs from Santa 2011-12-20

CFL bulbs in stockings

US Representative Marsha Blackburn (R - 7th district) has suggested the perfect gift for all those last minute Santas - the incandescent light bulb. On January 1, 2012 the light bulb industry was to begin increasing the efficiency of the manufactured bulbs by up to 30% over the next several years. Luckily for us, Blackburn saved the less efficient bulbs from extinction and now she suggests it as the perfect gift.

When the compact fluorescent bulbs were first introduced at affordable prices (in the early 2000's) we began buying the bulbs. To us buying the bulb was a no brainer. The CFLs were more efficient and lasted longer, much longer. The bulb's life was drastically different. We used to replace bulbs on a weekly basis in various fixtures throughout the house. Now, while using the CFL's - I don't remember the last time we bought or replaced a bulb.

In 2007 the Bush Administration the Energy Independence and Security Act (Wiki) was passed. The bill looked for ways to decrease the nations dependency on foreign oil. Changing from incandescent bulbs to CFLs was one effort to reduce the nations energy usage.

Well, Blackburn decided that the bill was oppressing our personal freedom for light bulb seclecting. It did not matter that the old bulbs were inefficient and caused even more dependence on foreign oil. Maybe for freedoms sake Blackburn can also banish seat belts, child restraining seats, helmets, speed limits, gun laws, fire codes, building codes, and all those pesky OSHA safety rules. We need freedom. Freedom to choose.

I think we'll just choose to buy efficient bulbs as stocking stuffers. We are happiest when our buying and consuming habits reflect our environmental ethics. Ho, ho, ho.

Happy efficient bulb trails


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