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061 Zero 2009-03-25

coal plant

A Yahoo! news AP item from March 10, 2009:

’It was a bold promise: the House would "lead by example" to fight global warming, becoming the first legislative body in the world to zero out its carbon impact on the planet.’

The article went on to say that the House was cutting off lights, changing light bulbs, changing their heating fuel to natural gas (cleaner burning), and buying clean power.

There is some debate over whether they achieved zero impact, but it’s a good try regardless... or is it? This is the House of Representatives, they basically fund the nation’s projects, and that was all they could come up with? It’s like a token, purely political, effort.

Now don’t get me wrong, someone, other than the House, who took the same steps and had to sacrifice to pay for the improvements, their example would shine stellar. But for the House to claim zero impact? The House would have to prove their efforts more than with a few token monetary green projects.

A few suggestions... if they want to know.

  • Walk. Don’t drive everywhere. Don’t drive anywhere. Walk. Bike. Use public transportation.
  • Don’t fly just because you can. Though it might sound unrealistic for politicians not to fly, they are not jet setter billionaires, they are public servants. Reduce flights to absolute necessities, perhaps have flights approved by an environmental oversight specialist.
  • Turn down the thermostats in the winter! Our house we keep at sixty and at times it is just down right cold. We wear coats and cover up in throws. It is uncomfortable, but our efforts have cut our consumption in half.
  • Turn up the thermostats in the summer! Eight-four degrees makes you sweat a bit but at least you are not cold like in the winter. Fans do a great job of moving the hot air around.
  • Do without. Use less. Less paper, pens, stickers, signs, paperclips, copies, parties, people, etc.
  • Live small. Think about the planet. Zero your personal footprint!

I am glad the House took the meager steps that they did, but save the shouts of praise for home runs not foul balls.


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