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469 Tree Free Garage 2011-09-06

Since our return from Colorado in early August, we have been dealing with trees that fell onto the garage while we were gone. The offending trees were not ours. They came from our neighbor's backyard. One big hackberry tree fell and caused a domino effect as it brought down at least three other trees. There was some questions as to who was responsible for removing the trees. Our next door neighbor claimed that he discussed the tree removal with his lawyer and it must be someone else's responsibility, other than his.

We are not tree surgeons, arborists, or even tree trimmers; but we had a huge hole in the roof of our garage and had no choice but to remove the tree causing the hole and patch it. After a few days of work, we still had four large limbs resting on the roof; but the cuts to remove the limbs would be difficult without the assistance of lifting equipment. We decided to wait for a while and see if anyone was truly going to remove the other trees.

Weeks later, the trees were still resting on our garage and we decided it was time to remove them. Our friend, Jon, came by Friday and we discussed the predicted cuts. We decided to remove the trees the next morning.

Saturday, we started as early as possible; but waited until mid-morning to lessen the impact of the noisy chain saw. At a suitable hour we began. Using ladders we cut limbs hovering over our property. Then we moved to the roof and started removing all the limbs that were even close to the garage. A few hours of sweat later, we only had the limbs that were resting on the roof, left to remove.

Thoughtfully, we worked on each limb cutting, propping, supporting, cutting and repeating. Then, we were done.

The tree removal was no different than any other project. It was a big job; but once we started cutting, we 'whittled' it down to size. We enjoyed the project because we were outdoors and working together, and we earned the satisfaction of knowing that we did it. Okay, it wasn't as fun as hiking a trail, going for a run, climbing a mountain, or ....; but it was still more exercise and adventure than hanging out in the house.

Happy tree trimming trails


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