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992 Summer Stories
A Privy Puzzle

campground privy with wooden facade

On our summer trip to the mountains, my wife had a scheduled interruption as she attended a convention in Denver, while I stayed in the mountains with our pup, Augie Dog.

From the campground where we were staying an access trail connected to the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). Augie and I woke on our first day and headed for a leg stretcher on the CDT. On our return to the campsite I noticed a woman outside one of the campground privies. The privy was designed with a rustic look to fit better in the campground setting. As she circled the hexagon shaped facility she seemed a bit anxious.

Looking at me she said, "you don't know how to get in there do you?"

Naturally, I thought, why not try the door, but I paused without giving a reply.

She continued looking for the door.

Finally, I asserted, "maybe, it is locked."

"Why would it be locked?"

I didn't have to answer. All of a sudden the light bulb went off in her head and she knew the answer. The door was locked, because someone was inside the privy. The woman anxiously moved toward the next privy to once again try to gain entry.

As Augie and I left her, I could not help but think what the person inside the privy was thinking, 'I am not going to come out until this crazy person leaves!'

The woman was not crazy, but she probably was not a seasoned camper. I felt embarrassed for her for not being able to solve the puzzle of the privy, well, embarrassed but with a smile.


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