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Fall Creek Falls
State Park Map


fall creek falls state park map

Hooray! We finished working on the Fall Creek Falls State Park map!

It was quite a job. The Park is very big with over 25,000 acres. We only mapped the central section of the Park, which covers the established trails. The dimensions of the map at a scale of 1 to 6,000 was 62 x 64 inches! The reduced file size is 2.2 mb. Our largest file so far. The 345 acre lake is larger than some parks!

Of course now that the master map is finished, the work is not complete. We will in the next few weeks change the file to a more manageable size. In the meantime the map is on cloudhiking and ready to view as a pdf file. We also downloaded it onto an ipad (2) and it looked great. We have not tried to download it onto a phone yet.

Take a look at the map, if you see any corrections or omissions, please, let us know. We try hard to make the map as accurate as possible, but more eyes are always helpful.

Fall Creek Falls is a great park located in the center of the state. It is not just a park, it is a vacation destination. Make plans to visit the park for a day or a week. There are plenty of trails to hike, run, or ride. Oh, and don't forget to use the map!

A few map notes ...

Most standard topos are at a 1 to 24000 scale. Meaning, one inch on the map equals 24000 inches on the ground. Our map is a 1 to 6000 scale.

The map is basically one tenth of a degree by one tenth of a degree.

The map is a large download - 2.2 mb.

The map has a 122 placed icons and 53 mileage markers.

There are 2 overnight trails, 2 mountain bike trails, 3 paved paths, and 9 hiking trails.

The map is geo-referenced.

To build maps we use ESRI, Avenza Mapublisher and Geographic Imager, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and MacGPSPro.

Unless you have a really big printer, the map is not printable in its original size. It would also probably not be legible if you tried to print to fit the page.

The map took more than a month to complete, working on it each day.


Happy Fall Creek Falls Map trails


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