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Scree - February 26, 2011

voter registration

Photo ID to Vote

So in Tennessee a bill is being introduced that would require a photo ID to vote. The idea of showing an ID is not bad; but why do the bill sponsors want voters to show an ID. If the reason is to keep people from voting then the bill is wrong. A better idea is to put photos on the Voter Registration Card. Then, the person has a photo ID and the registration card. To take the pictures, each voting station could have a photo ID station at the booths. Of course it would cost money to change to photo id registrations; but the bill's sponsors should have thought of that.

If you want photo IDs, then pay for the new system and find a way to make it work.


Guns with No Background Check

Another bill in Tennessee suggests that folks should be able to buy guns without a background check. The buyers would already have to have a valid Gun Permit; but what is wrong with a ten dollar background check fee? The check would be a deterrent to keep bad gun permit holders from buying more guns. A ten dollar fee does not seem like it should be a burden; just a cost of dealing with guns.

Also of note, I do not believe that the Gun Permit is a photo ID. Hmm... how does the dealer know the Gun Permit is valid? Maybe they could have photo stations at all gun shops and .... ha!