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Scree - September 5, 2010

blue skies over Fontana Lake

Finally we had a near perfect weather day. Moderate temperatures, low humidity, and blue skies made us almost forget the heat and humidity of the past 5 weeks. No, I still remember, after all we live in the patron state of perspiration.

Last night we went to the Tennessee Art League's monthly showing. Diane, mother-in-law, was showing a few of her pictures - we went to show our support.

Dressing to go to the gallery was fun. I wanted to look "avant garde". Amy suggested a loud Hawaiian shirt. I wore my old black "chucks", Converse's canvas Chuck Taylor basketball shoes. I wanted to wear sunglasses but did not have any suitable ones. At the art show, a woman came up to me and asked, "so, which ones are yours?" She was asking me which paintings were mine, which I assume means she thought I was an artist. My masquerade worked! I laughed the rest of the night.

The famous BP oil well disaster is finally no longer a threat.

In Warren, Michigan, "psychics and fortune tellers are being regulated to reduce fraud." A city official said, "We want to be sure there is some recourse in case we do get somebody who is not legitimate."

So I guess some of the psychics and fortune tellers are legit!

Live Science reported, "A mechanical engineer helped cleanup crews keep up with the moving target by developing a steady stream of forecasts that predicted where the oil slick would spread several days in advance." Of course they could have gone to Warren, Michigan and asked the legitimate psychics where the oil was going to spread.

We hope all enjoy the Labor Day Weekend. Get outdoors.