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466 Scream in the Night 2011-09-01


I heard a really good story the other day and wanted to share it without divulging too many facts. So, the story goes ...

Campers at a large campground reported hearing a scream late one night. It was a man's voice they heard and the voice was so blood curdling it could only mean trouble.

The campers who heard the screams reported the incident. A Park Staff member was sent to investigate the incident.

After talking to the campers who reported the incident the Park Staff member proceeded in the direction of the screams. The Staffer found a clump in the middle of the tent pad. Cautiously, the Staffer approached.

The clump sat up. It was a man, the camper who had been screaming. He was laying on top of his collapsed tent.

On investigating the Staffer asked, "there was a report of a man screaming, was that you?"


"What was wrong?"

"I was having a dream and it was so real that it scared me to death. I clawed my way out of the tent and was screaming for my life when I awoke."

The Staffer still worried about the camper asked, "are you all right now?"

"Yes, the dream was just so real. I think the nightmare was because I was camping. I am not used to being so far out in the woods."

The Staffer left and hopefully the victim got some sleep.

Those of us that have camped, hiked, climbed, and generally been outdoors people all of our lives, don't even think of the problems others might have adjusting to the outdoor world. The great outdoors is a different world. There are dangers perceived by the uninitiated that are real to them.

I hope the camper had sweet dreams and will try camping again.

A side note: This story shows that youth outdoor programs are important. The programs teach outdoor skills; but the skills cross-over and are relevant to all phases of life.

Happy camping trails


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