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Colorado in June


dormant fire pit in the campground

During our summer trip, a few notable events and a few interesting observations ... It's life on the road!


It is hot and dry in Colorado. In Boulder County there is a no open fire restriction. We are staying in a National Forest Campground in Boulder County near Rocky Mountain National Park. When we moved to our current site (we had stayed a few nights before at another site) the campground host came by and tried to sell Amy firewood. She didn't buy any, but asked about the fire ban we had seen posted. Evidently the host felt like the ban did not apply to the National Forest areas.

The campground hosts does not work for the Forest Service, but for a company that supplies all of the hosts for the campgrounds. I don't think the hosts are paid and if they are it is not much. They do make money selling items such as firewood to the campers. A fire ban hurts the wallet of the hosts.

This afternoon the host came by again and said that there was a fire ban in place and the campground was complying with it. Evidently, the Boulder County Fire Workers came by the campground last night and made everyone put out there fires. The hosts still did not seem to think that Boulder County had authority over the National Forest Campground, but there will be no fires tonight!

New Fire, oh, I hope not ...

Driving back to the now non-campfire campground I noticed smoke rising from a ridge near Hwy 7. The smoke was coming from National Park land. A ranger was parked near an access close to the area. If it is a fire, hopefully it will be extinguished quickly.

climbing with mark

Climbing with Mark

On Sunday, my good friend Mark and I went rock climbing in the Park. I chose an obscure cliff so know one would see a fat, old man (me) trying to climb. We had a great time. Of course, we would have had a good time if we had ridden bicycles, went trail running or hiking, or just sat around the campground looking at the dormant fire pit. I do still enjoy climbing and especially with a good friend.

Oh, on the climb we came across new rappel anchors. The anchors were spaced about a ropes length apart (or less) down the cliff. We thought the anchors were odd until we started walking down the descent gully. It was a mangle of old dead, downed trees. Maybe we should have rappelled - my bloody legs think so.

Bela Pup in my lap


Sad news from Nashville, our friend, Jamie had to put down his 14 (?) year old dog, Bela. He was a good dog. There are many sad eyes that knew and loved Bela Pup.


And finally, good news from Colorado, Amy (wife) has been gone to a convention for five days and is returning tonight. It will be great to have my partner back.

Happy Colorado - On the Road - Trails


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