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385 Exploding Restroom 2011-05-03

typical new toilet

In Wisconsin someone used a pipe bomb to blow up a restroom (pit toilet). The problem was this was not some little prank exploding a dilapidated wooden two seater, the bomber instead targeted a $60,000 flood resistance structure on the banks of the Saint Croix River. The area is administered by the National Park Service as the Saint Croix is a National Scenic River.

The Park Service staff called in the local Sheriff and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. In the ensuing investigation they found and arrested the restroom bomber.

(NPS Incident)

Now, what I was trying to think of was why anyone would bomb a restroom? Here's my list ...

10. The fish weren't biting.

09. It was an accident. He was carrying the bomb in his back pocket and stopped to use the facilities, when dropping his pants it exploded.

08. It was his job, he was a tester for noise cancellation ear buds.

07. It was a Freudian slip.

06. He wanted to see poop fly.

05. The hand sanitizer was empty.

04. He was hoping to become the "toilet terrorist."

03. He was tired of using rough toilet paper.

02. The door was locked.

01. Someone wrote his phone number on the wall.


Seriously, let's learn to make the world a better place, vandalism of any property is a meaningless waste.

Happy unexploded restroom trails


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