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654 Crossing Arkansas 2012-06-04

Arkansas Highway

Western Arkansas Interstate

We finished packing on Wednesday and left the house Thursday morning bound for Albuquerque. Our sad dog, Jake, stood at the window and watched as we drove away. He was not able to accompany us on the trip because he is getting old, it would be very hot, and we were planning to visit many National Parks.

Finally on the road, we zipped through Tennessee. On entering Arkansas we were immediately greeted by the thump, thump, thump of the bumpy concrete seams. A road sign warned us of an up coming bump. We slowed and cautiously continued, but the bump was not any larger than any of the other bumps.

I then suggested to Amy, that signs should mark every bump. Then, on second thought, we decided that it might be cheaper to repave the road than to add all the signs. It was a very bumpy road.

Well, the Department of Transportation must have agreed with us ... in a few miles we began seeing construction warning signs. They were repaving a section of the road a few miles ahead. The signs also told us that the road was going to narrow to one lane. The signs warning us of the upcoming construction continued and we decided to take the detour instead of being stuck in traffic. There were a few other cars that also exited, but what we did not understand was why everyone else was not exiting! Did they like sitting in traffic?

We took the detour and had fun driving off the interstate. The time savings was minimal, but the enjoyment was high.

The road after the construction no longer needed signs warning of the bumps. It was a great section of road.

We eventually completed the first leg of the trip landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is very hot here, but it is a dry heat! Ha! It is still very hot to us.

Happy bumpy trails


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