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297 cloudhiking update 2010-10-22

Mount Shavano

For a year now we have been publishing visual guides, maps, and gps track logs on cloudhiking.com. All together we have posted 25 maps of hiking areas. The maps include coverage of 50 trails and greenways!

Recently we also included links between the gear reviews in Metro to Mountain to the cloudhiking gear pages. Gear is such an important part of being outside, we will continue to expand our Gear sections.

We have received some good suggestions on how to improve cloudhiking. For example, it was suggested that we improve our site navigation to include an overall map of all of the trails and greenways. We are working on a fix. If you have other suggestions or a trail you would really like us to walk contact us through the cloudhiking.com - Contact Page.

Other goals include completing the guides and maps of the trails and greenways in the Nashville area and continue to gather information on other areas - or in other words, go for hikes! One important hike we hope to complete this fall is in a State Natural Area, the Walls of Jericho. At a small get together dinner a few months ago, Fran Wallas invited us to join her on the hike of the Walls of Jericho. Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to complete our hike with Fran, she passed away yesterday. In our brief encounter with Fran we found that she was a delightful outdoor enthusiast and a champion of all things wild and the lands where they lived. Happy trails, Fran. Thank you so much.

In the coming year we hope to expand the coverage of our guides and maps to areas beyond Nashville and Mid-TN. We could even complete more guides, if we did not write daily entries for Metro to Mountain; but that site helps us keep our sanity. We can't give it up.

We also need to find ways of making money in order to help cover the sites expenses. Please see the Support link. The affiliate program allows us to receive a small commission for sending buyers to the REI site. This is a great way to help support the site and doesn't cost you anything! Christmas is coming, please help us out by clicking on the REI logo before you buy. One of the problems with the REI program is that you have to buy online. We generally go to the store and if the store does not have an item we want, then we go online. We recognize this problem and are looking for other ways to help support the site. If you have any ideas please drop us a note - Contact Page.

Thanks to everyone who visited the sites, referred others to the sites, and supported the sites. We appreciate you. We will continue to try and earn your support daily. Thanks again.

Happy cloudhiking trails.


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